Unlike some of the commercial Storm Shelters you may see in the ads on my web site that are essentially boxes or lightweight materials that may be struggling to survive a category 5 hurricane the shelter here will laugh at a cat 5 tornado or hurricane.  This shelter is designed to withstand a large Nuke at close range.  This Underground Safe Room is based on the Utah Shelter Systems underground disaster shelter.  Their essential design is one of the best and strongest.  However this shelter has a number of unique added features including very well hidden heavy blast resistant doors.  You have a hidden door in an area (setup with heavy shelves and a workbench for a shop in the basement) behind another hidden door AND you also have access to this Underground shelter directly from the outside through another door that is hidden in landscaping.  Both doors are very heavy steel doors made to withstand a nuclear blast and have multiple locking systems that enable them to be locked from either or both sides.  You can lock yourself in the shelter or lock access to the shelter from the outside and/or lock it so no one can access the house through the shelter.  See www.disastershelters.net for more details on how these safe rooms are designed and why this is one of the best designs.  You will also see their prices there for the 8 foot by 40 foot long model listed at $37,750 (www.disastershelters.net/ordering.php) which does not include installation, does not include blast doors and does not include the air filtration system or blast valve.  Blast doors are about an additional $2,500 and an air filtration system with blast valve is an additional $4,000 to $5,000.  However this shelter has two blast doors and an optional  top of the line bio-hazard air filtration system made to protect against nuclear, chemical and bio-hazard threats.  Based on their prices this would be worth around $47,000 and that still does not include installation.  We have however not assigned nearly this much value to the shelter in pricing our house.  In fact based on current prices around this neighborhood you are  getting this shelter FREE!  Made from galvanized steel culvert pipe this design can be buried many hundreds of feet underground and because of it's shape it can withstand great pressure on the outside.  People who try to build underground shelters from steel shipping containers or other square and rectangular designs soon find they will crush under just a foot or two of soil without heavy reinforcement.  This particular shelter was designed with much heavier end plates than even the Utah Shelter systems uses in their design.  The blast doors were also designed with heavier steel and a unique locking system as well as special hinges that include Zerk grease fittings for a guaranteed smooth easy opening door. 

     This Shelter also has two extremely heavy 6" steel pipes on each end for an air supply and both pipes have a 180 degree turndown as well as a tee off the inlet to guarantee a safe air supply that is flood proof and both are buried in six to eight inch diameter rocks that are held in a vertical culvert pipe three foot in diameter and about ten feet deep all of which is hidden in landscaping.  Air supplies can be temporarily closed off only from inside the shelter if needed.  The shelter can also be used as a root cellar for food storage as it stays at a very steady cool temperature winter and summer. 

The rough diagram below will give you an idea of how well designed the air system is for protection against possible bad scenarios.  It cannot be flooded out through the air pipes and cannot be gassed out.  There is a negative pressure NBC system (an optional item that I will sell for less than anywhere currently available) as well as air and water tight seals that can be quickly closed from the inside on each end. 

Outside Shelter Door Uncovered

There are additional points where this door can be pinned with large steel pins as well as padlocked or bolted with 3 additional heavy chains welded to the door from the inside making it highly secure even if the heavy steel hinges were cut off and the protected outside lock somehow removed.


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